now is the start || not a year-in-review post.

i would talk about my 2012 in review. i really would. it's just that i can't remember a whole lot from this year (not from each month, anyway), and what i do remember isn't very good. it actually stressed me out, writing a year-in-review post, so i decided not to. one year i will. or maybe next year i'll write down some of the things that happened in the various 12 months of the year and write a proper review then. actually, tomorrow (nope, i lied, i'm posting it new years day) i'll be posting my december for you. i suppose that'll be the closest thing to a year-in-review for me. but for now, here's a mixtape to help you close the chapter called '2012' and get psyched for 2013. and i'm not giving you the setlist, so you'll feel the thrill of not knowing where the music will take you next. so, press play. start now. now is the start, after all.

-kiss kiss kiss, it sounds like-


  1. Oh my freaking gosh. That typography.. Reading back over your posts from this entire year is awesome. It's so goshbubbles to see how you've changed!

  2. gah, love this post, and that mixtape! happy new year :)

  3. Lovely mixtape! :) And I really like this post, it's so honest (and your typography is beautiful) :)
    Kimmy x

  4. holy crap that typo is AMAZING!! did you do that?!

    1. yes i did! but the butterflies on strings are part of the original photo. i just added the text :)

  5. I love reading and writing about the year in review, but I understand not wanting to do that. I think this mixtape is an excellent substitution. Hope you have a wonderful 2013!

  6. your mixtapes always make me smile! End of the year review posts take so much work. I basically spent three whole days working on mine. Can't wait to see your 'December' post! xoxo.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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