i'm coming out {four}, who do you think you are?

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i found this one day while browsing tumblr:
and as sad as it is, it's true. unless you have a face like kim kardashian and the body of a victoria's secret model, you're thrown into the pile of 'wannabe, but you'll never be.' and it hurts. how can they decide what we're supposed to like and not like? how can they decide who's beautiful and who's not? how dare they?

even the boys do the same thing. they only want the girls who would give anything to be with them. and sometimes the girl is the accessory, not the priority. it's because of the girlfriend that they get all the attention, and then they leave her because she's weighing down his reputation. she was always putty in his hands, but couldn't he see that maybe she had feelings, too? 

who do you think you are? telling us we're not pretty enough and not tall enough and not rich enough? it's almost like there's a bar. a bar that holds your standards. and once we get close to reaching the height, you raise the bar again. like an endless staircase. the top is so far away that we'd be dead before we found ourselves worthy of you. and quite frankly, i'm tired of it. 

dear society, you're the reason countless numbers of girls worry their parents because they're not hungry anymore. they try and try to become skinnier. to have the perfect blonde color or the perfect brunette. their skin to be perfectly tanned. and it's all for you. you influence the world with your rules and regulations and as if it's not enough you flaunt your flawless skin in our acne-filled faces and laugh at us. why? because we can never be like you. it's just too hard. some of us even commit suicide because we're so dedicated to being perfect. but we saw that it wouldn't work. so we decided to end it before any other trouble was caused.

dear boys, you're the reason we just can't seem to stop crying. we genuinely like you, and yet you throw us aside like you're that embarrassing picture your mom just couldn't help but take out. we throw up so we can have that perfect body for you. and you act like i'm not even here. 

who do you think you are, running around leaving scars. collecting your jar of hearts... 

today it's time to take a stand. post something you hate about today's society, or about how boys treat girls. 
we don't have to stand by and watch while our best friends bend over toilet seats throwing up what they just ate. we don't have to stick botox up our faces to have a face like heidi montage or miley cyrus. we are beautiful just the way we are. tell the world who the real star is. we are stars. in our own individual way. we don't have to be pushed aside to make room for the next up-and-coming model or actress or musician. because we're people too. let them know that. 

dear society, and dear boys: make way for the genuine. you better watch out.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug a q-tip-
{pee ess: please send me the link to your post. i'd love to see it.}


  1. Jocee- I LOVE YOU!! All these 'coming out'posts just amaze and inspire me. I have so many self confidence issues, but these posts make me feel so much better. You're right. I don't have to be perfect. I can be my own genuine self. The person that God made me to be. <3
    Your posts always make me smile. Thank you SO much!!!

  2. I loved this post! Inspiring! I'll do my post on society tonight probably and then I'll give you the link! ... I have bunches to say(:

  3. Jocee - This was amazingly written and oh so stinkin' true. I love the way you write - it's so to-the-point. Just wow. Thanks!! :)

  4. you are a great writer.
    thanks so much for this post...you inspire me.
    and i totally agree with you...so much, that i want to scream (in a good way, i promise:)

  5. Wow, Jocee! This post is incredible! Really makes you think :) Thankyou for sharing you thoughts!!


  6. Love it :] That's totally what I need to hear! Thank you so much!

  7. yay! Amazing post! So true! This is something that needs to bee told so much more often.

    bwt, I was wondering if you could send me an invite on Pinterest? Thanks so much!

  8. Amen! Love it!

    I wish boys would see that girls arent just pieces of meat. I wish they would see how special we are and treat us with respect.

    I wish society would, put bluntly, shut up and let the truly beautiful people come to the surface.

  9. Jocee,

    I love this! Well, I think it's awful that girls are harming themselves in order to fit in, but I love that you are speaking out about it. I will write a post for this next week, most certainly!

  10. Hey could I re-post this on my blog??? I would put a link to your blog and your button on it. Email me @ gracygirlblog@gmail.com

  11. Oh my, Jocee, how did I miss discovering your blog before now? Seriously, girl, your personality bubbles over, and it's beautiful. Thanks for being honest, for writing fabulous posts, and for allowing me the privilege of following you. :)


  12. so so so great. this post is what i need to hear... and something society needs to read.

  13. This was beautiful, Jocee. And so true.

  14. I love the last bit-
    dear society, and dear boys: make way for the genuine. you better watch out.

    Recently I've realized something- what's considered beautiful will always, always be the unreachable. Heck, acne would be considered gorgeous if it was hard to get. If we were a starving society, heavy people would be sought after. Big feet and pale skin aren't considered pretty because they're common. It is the same with blonde hair and blue eyes, height, and perfect figures.

    Sorry. I've probably gone far too much into detail. :)

  15. Thanks for sharing. You inspired me to write one. :)



  16. Beautiful post Jocee.
    I find myself thinking to much about how I look.
    Beth xx

  17. Wonderful, inspiring post, Jocee! The society needs to know the truth about genuine beauty. You're are one of those genuinely beautiful people, Jocee. And I love how you write with such vigor!

    Jemimah C.

  18. Thank you, Jocee. Beautiful post :)

  19. Hi there Jocee,

    Thank you soooo much for this post. I have been thinking about this subject a lot lately.

    There are tons and tons of girls in my neighborhood exactly like that, Kim Kardashian wannabe's.

    But, I try to ignore them. It's just so hard to ignore the hurtful words coming out of their mouths.
    We should start some kind of blogger bullying type thing.

    I did a few posts about this, and I just did another one, here are the links,


  20. hey jocee, thanks. i know i was kinda harsh about how girls see themselves as objects. but what i meant to say was society makes them see themselves as objects. i should have explained it better. but i still feel exactly the way you do. to me a guy should like me for me and not just my looks. love, kels

  21. this is awesome!! :)

    much love♥

  22. i've thoroughly enjoyed all the posts you've done on this topic so far. it's such confusing, covered-up area of life, but one that's very important.

    i've had several posts in my drafts about society and boys and romance and all that, but never finished them. but now i'm inspired - you follow Scraps, so just keep an eye out in the next day or two for my "response" :D


  23. I love this :) I wrote a response :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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